Cooks Police Support Compulsory Helmets For Motorists

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High number of fatalities, consultations before changes

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, October 19, 2015) – The Cook Islands police say the high number of motorcycle related accidents on Rarotonga's roads show the wearing of helmets should be made compulsory.

Police Inspector John Strickland says the current law states anyone driving under 40 kilometres an hour is not required to wear a helmet.

He says the police are working with a number of ministries to come up with new safety strategies, and discussing whether the law around helmets should change.

He says the public will be consulted by the end of the year before any changes are made.

"The compulsory wearing of helmets is the way to go. Statistics speak for itself. If you look at the WHO statistics and reports, the Cook Islands has a very high rate - it has been read at 9.9 percent per capita. That's very high and a lot of that is that of motorcycle involvement."

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