PNG Opposition Tables Motion Of No-Confidence Against PM

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O’Neill calls move ‘desperate…not in best interest of nation’

By Gorethy Kenneth

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, Oct. 29, 2015) – Opposition Leader Don Polye and Deputy Sam Basil tabled the motion of no-confidence paper against the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill at the Speaker’s office after Parliament yesterday. Polye held a media conference immediately after they presented the instruments to acting Speaker Aide Ganasi, withholding the names of the alternate Prime Minister and those who voted and signed.

Mr Basil, Vanimo Green MP Belden Namah, Rabaul MP Allan Marat, Kikori MP Mark Maipakai, Goilala MP Willam Samb, Porgera Laiagap MP Nixon Mangape and Northern Governor Gary Juffa were all there to witness the announcement of the event.

Polye could only advise the media that they complied with the requirements for the motion of no confidence. The Post-Courier however was told in confidence the alternate prime minister and those that signed the instruments from the Government side.

"We are these number but we have got other numbers on the floor of Parliament that share similar values and principles as we do have," Polye said.

"The motion of vote of no confidence against Peter O’Neill, and this motion has been compiled and presented to the acting Speaker of Parliament. It is compiled and presented in accordance with the laws, with the Standing Orders.

"Every requirement is met and we have done it carefully, we have taken time, we have studied the issues, we have looked at the laws and we have followed the process in presenting this motion."

The office of the acting Speaker confirmed the instruments were tabled but could not elaborate further.

Last night Prime Minister Peter O’Neill said: "It is desperate and ambitious, not done in the best interest of the nation but for personal interest driven by desire for revenge.

"The country today faces huge challenges with El Niño and global economic conditions which require our Parliament’s attention.

"The 2016 budget will be presented next week and we should focus on that, not Somare and Polye’s ambition to crawl their way back into Government.

"They were both given nine years to lead Papua New Guinea from 2002 to 2011, their record of dismal performance is there for everyone to see. Compare that to what we have delivered in the last three years."

The Speaker’s office clarified yesterday that the motion once handed to the Chairman of the Private Business Committee it will take 5-7 sitting days, upon determining under Standing Order 22 that a notice of motion is in order, the Committee shall deliver a copy of its terms to the Clerk. A notice of motion of no confidence shall take precedence over all other business on the Private Business day.

Under the Standing Order 22 the Committee consists of Mr Speaker, the Deputy Speaker and five other elected Members (who shall not be Ministers), seven (7) members in total.

In this Parliament the members of this Committee are acting Speaker Aide Ganasi, (Chairman) (PNC), Hon Anton Yagama MP as acting Deputy Speaker (URP), Hon William Powi MP Governor SHP (PNC), Hon Pessap Komal, MP Nipa Kutuku Open (PNC), Hon Bob Dade MP Kabwum Open (PNC), Hon Richard Mendani MP Kerema Open (URP) and James Lagaea.

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