Palau Introduces Sex Offender Registry

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Convicted offenders required to register

By Jose Rodriguez T. Senase

KOROR, Palau (Island Times, Jan. 22, 2016) – Convicted sex offenders in this island nation are now required to register.

According to Attorney General John Bradley this new move is in compliance with the new Penal Code of Palau.

He noted that in passing a new Penal Code, the OEK also included a Sex Offender Registration law, which can be found in Chapter 17 of Title 17 of the Palau National Code.

According to Bradley, this new law requires anyone convicted of a sex offense to register with the Attorney General Office and provide details about the person, their residence and work.

"Such information becomes public and permits law enforcement officers to track sex offenders and use the information during investigations," he said.

"The public will have access to the information as a way to keep children safely away from sex offenders, the Attorney General added.

Bradley said that as part of seeking compliance with the registration initiative, the Attorney General Office is sending out a letter to 67 previously convicted sex offenders who now are required to register.

Failure to comply with the law, according to him, can result in the Attorney General filing criminal charges.

"The punishment for failure to register is a Class C felony, which is 1-10 years of imprisonment and an optional fine of up to $10, 000," he pointed out.

According to Bradley, Assistant Attorney General Elizabeth Miles has been assigned to maintain the sex offender registration.

"She will work with the Bureau of Public Safety in collecting and maintaining the information," he said.

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