PNG Police Internal Affairs Directorate Plan ‘Spy Network’

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System to monitor rogue officers

By Clifford Faiparik

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (The National, Feb. 3, 2016) – Police Internal Affairs Directorate director Robert Ali yesterday revealed plans to establish a spy network within the constabulary to monitor rogue officers in the country.

"We have already set out our objectives to go on covert operations to enforce discipline and to keep officers in line to enforce law and order," Ali said.

"We have submitted our plan to the police hierarchy and they are happy with it.

"We will be boosted with logistical support like vehicles, communication system and a new office.

"We will also recruit new officers and we will have our own prosecution unit."

He said they had plans to monitor and keep surveillance on officers.

"This is a proactive system as opposed to the old reactive system," he said.

"In the old system, we wait for officers to breach their duties and responsibilities and we investigate. But now they will report on each other.

"We want to change the behaviour of the police officers as in the past they covered up for each other and trusted each other too much.

"But it didn’t work resulting in breakdown of discipline and corruption was rife."

Ali said they would establish a call center for the public to report on rogue officers.

"This center will have social media applications like Whatsapp and Facebook for easy accessibility of information."

He said as part of their operation, they would be visiting police stations without notice.

"We will also visit the cells and check if there is any unlawful detention of suspects," he said.

"We will reprimand officers for detaining suspects for a long period without charging them."

Earlier, Police Commissioner Gari Baki had vowed to rid the force of corrupt and undisciplined officers.

He said he would give priority to resourcing and beefing up the Internal Affairs Directorate to be the eyes, ears and if necessary the hammer of the police commissioner to deal with such unruly officers.

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