Kiribati Presidential Candidate: People Happy With Progress

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Ruling party MP dispute opposition claims that change is desired

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, Feb. 9, 2016) – One of the ruling party candidates who will run in Kiribati's upcoming presidential election is disputing views that the people are seeking a change in government.

Rimeta Beniamina was responding to opposition claims that the standard of education, health services and the economy have suffered under the current administration.

Mr Beniamina, from the long dominant Boutokaan Te Koaua, or BTK party, is up against Tianeti Ioane, also from the BTK, and Taaneti Mamau from a coalition grouping.

He says as far as he is aware, most residents are happy with the progress the country has made and are not seeking change.

"In the last 12 years the outgoing government has managed to fairly distribute the benefits of growth, the benefits of development to the people of Kiribati. And people are talking about the benefits that they have seen themselves and most of them want to continue this type of administration," says Beniamina.

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