Murder Case Against NZ Teen In Vanuatu Thrown Out

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WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, March 21, 2016) – A murder charge against a New Zealand teenager living in Vanuatu has been thrown out of court for a lack of evidence.

The country's Supreme Court ruled last week that police did not have sufficient evidence against Ned Lowe, an 18-year-old charged last July for the murder of Roger Kamisak.

The police had alleged Mr Lowe had been in a late-night and alcohol-fuelled brawl with the deceased, and had stabbed him with a knife.

Mr Lowe's father, Hugh, who owns Tanna Lodge told RNZ International last year the charges were trumped up and the police were incompetent.

Tanna Lodge was burned down by locals after the incident, although police said it could be related to other disputes on the island.

Police arrested 23 people in relation to arson, kidnapping and obstructing a police investigation following the August attack on the lodge.

At the time of the arrests the police said they had a lack of resources and manpower on the island to deal with groups of locals that had taken the law into their own hands.


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