Palau’s Angaur State To Implement Monkey Eradication Trial

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Palau’s Angaur State To Implement Monkey Eradication Trial Safe, humane, cost-effective removal techniques to be explored

By L. N. Reklai

KOROR, Palau (Island Times, May 13, 2016) – Angaur State inks an agreement with Island Conservation for a trial and demonstration of eradication methods of monkeys in Angaur.

In the agreement, both Angaur State and Island Conservation, agreed to commit a total of $200,000 both cash and in-kind toward the project. Each entity commits a $100,000 cash and in-kind for staff, travel expenses, equipment and costs related to the project.

According to the terms, Island Conservation will work in partnership with Angaur State to develop "safe, humane and cost-effective means to eradicate all macaques from Angaur" and in accordance with the feasibility assessment prepared by LandCare in 2011.

It further states that Angaur State "acknowledge that it is only possible to remove all of the macaques from Angaur with a well-planned and financed effort that relies on the strategic use of a suite of removal techniques, including trapping, hunting, and the controlled use of an appropriate pesticide." And that this is a necessary first step in a larger effort that is required to remove all monkeys in Angaur.

The agreement was signed by Angaur State Governor Marvin Ngirutang and Dr. Raymond Nias of Island Conservation.

Angaur macaque monkeys, a non-native species brought to Angaur from Southeast Asia during the German occupation of the islands, have exploded in population and have destroyed agriculture production in Angaur and continue to pose health risks and safety issues to the Angaur population.

The issue of eradication of macaque monkeys in Angaur has been debated over the years and is as complex as the planned eradication techniques.

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