Solomon Islands To Host 2018 Melanesian Arts Festival

Government committed to properly resource event

By Biriau Wilson Saeni

HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Star, May 18, 2016) – The Solomon Islands Government will ensure it will successfully host the 2018 Melanesian Arts Festival.

This was highlighted by the Minister of Culture and Tourism Bartholomew Parapolo on Friday during the successful staging of a mini-festival in Honiara.

He said, the Solomon Islands was also successful it is bid to host the Melanesian Arts Festival in 2018.

“The Government is committed to making sure that the hosting of this event is supported through committing the necessary resources. 

“Our preparation for the Melanesian Arts Festival in 2018 must take a multi-ministry and multi-sectoral approach.”

He said, the country’s participation at the Guam Festival presents the necessary platform to start promoting the 2018 Melanesian Arts Festival in the Solomon Islands.

“The hosting of the event will also help the Solomon Islands to create our own capacity to host big events of such nature that will attract more tourists to our country.

“As Minister for Culture and Tourism, I would also like to highlight a key initiative that my Ministry taking in order to preserve and protect the uniqueness of our cultures. 

“Through the Division of Culture, my Ministry is preparing the Traditional Knowledge and Expression of Cultures Bill. 

“This Bill is important once it becomes a Law. It will help protect our traditional knowledge that have been used by our people and preserve the ways of expressing our cultural heritage.” 

He said, for the Friday’s event it was important that the delegates were able to share with their own people the cultures and activities that will be on display in Guam.

“It is important that our people share in this experience.”

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