Reinstated PNG MP Regains Opposition Leadership Post

Poyle takes over as Basil steps aside

By Benjamin Kuman

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, May 26, 2017) – Leader of PNG National Party and Member for Bulolo Sam Basil has relinquished the opposition leadership back to Kandep MP and reappointed leader of Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party Don Polye.

Mr Basil made the decision at an opposition caucus in Port Moresby on Wednesday and officially announced it at a press conference in parliament yesterday

“I believe that what we have created here can show Papua New Guineans that the opposition is strong and vibrant and we are happy to serve together as a team,”

“We have always been together on our issues and very recently we have seen civil society groups and the UPNG students taking the same issues that we have been fighting for in the last four years” he said.

He called on the public to have confidence in the current opposition team as it consists of credible leaders who respect the rule of law and uphold the integrity of public offices they occupy.

Mr Basil said Don Polye has set a good precedent in respecting the rule of law and stepping aside to protect the integrity of the office of the member for Kandep and the Office of the leader of Opposition so Prime Minister Peter O’Neill must follow him to uphold the integrity of the office the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea.

Mr Polye thanked his deputy for having confidence in his leadership and for relinquishing the post of the opposition leader back to him.

He thanked Mr Basil for providing the best leadership for the opposition within the short period he was sidelined by the courts.

Meanwhile PNG National Party Leader and Member for Sinesine Yongomulg Kerenga Kua has officially announced his move into the opposition team.

Mr Kuai who is a learned Papua New Guinean said he didn’t like the way the Prime Minister was running the affairs of this country so he was had to cross the floor.

“The Prime Minister is running down this country and we all are seeing it so I am calling on all good members in government to cross the floor next Tuesday so we change O’Neill for the good of this country” said Kua.

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