Church Leader Proclaims 'PNG Will Fall' Without Renewed Morality

Status as a self-proclaimed Christian country not enough, accentuates flagging conditions

By Riodan Begushar

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, June 4, 2016) – Papua New Guinea will “fall if it continues to call itself Christian nation when its people attitude and ways are evil, says a church leader. It will fall as in losing its recognition and respect and will face poverty and be rated as a corrupt nation, says founder of the New Generation Church of PNG, Prophet Apanda. He said that leaders and the people have focused too much on the needs and wants of the flesh and pretend that PNG is a country of Christians. Apanda said the economic instability, political dramas, chaos and conflicts in the country was the leading towards the downfall of the nation if the leaders and people do not change their characters. “We have pretend to be a Christian nation for so long and if it continues we will fall he says.  

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