Fiji’s NFP Party Mulls Options After MP Suspended From Parliament

Party leader Prasad considers challenging Roko Tupou Draunidalo’s ouster

By Matilda Simmons

SUVA, Fiji (Fiji Times, June 7, 2016) – The National Federation Party (NFP) will meet in two weeks to discuss the party's next course of action after the suspension of its president, Roko Tupou Draunidalo from Parliament.

NFP leader, Prof Biman Prasad says a working committee will be set up for the members to discuss the implications of the suspension as well as explore the option of challenging Parliament's decision.

"There are a number of options we will consider. And as the president (Roko Tupou) has already said we will look at the option of taking the matter to court. But that's something we will explore among other options and other actions that will be discussed at the meeting."

The NFP leader adds Roko Tupou will still be president of the party.

"As the president of the party Roko Tupou has been excellent," Prof Prasad said. "She provided effective leadership to the party since she was voted to the role in 2014. There is no question about her presidency.

"However it is sad that the FijiFirst government has used its majority numbers to mete out a totally unjustified, uncalled for and harsh punishment to Roko Tupou and we're very disappointed. It's a sad day for democracy in Fiji and it shows that we are not making any progress."

On Friday last week, the parliament voted to suspend Tupou Draunidalo for the rest of the parliamentary term by 28 votes to 16 after she made offensive comments on the Education Minister, Dr Mahendra Reddy. During the period of her suspension, Draunidalo will not be allowed to enter the parliamentary precincts including the Opposition Office.

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