Two Students At University Of PNG Reportedly Shot As Police Move In

Witnesses claim armed police are attempting to occupy campus, disperse protestors

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, June 8, 2016) – Two students were shot and a police vehicle damaged at the University of PNG campus at Waigani this morning in a clash with police as they were preparing to march to Parliament.

Police moved onto the campus to quell what they deemed was an illegal march which the defiant class boycotting students resolved yesterday to undertake whatever the consequences.

Student eye witnesses posted pictures of the two on social media. They said armed police have now effectively taken control of the campus and students have retreated into the residential areas afraid to move around.

Some of them too late to retreat to their residential areas are hiding at the back of the campus. It is not known where the injured students have been taken for treatment nor the extent of their injuries.

Staff and workers have also retreated to their homes afraid of further clashes. Motorists commuting through the campus area are taking extra precautions.

The defiant students are still in pursuit of their insistence for the Prime Minister to step down for questioning by police over corruption allegations. The Prime Minister has refused to bow down to their demands.

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Thanks for the report, allow me to throw a bit of flavour. Out of all this lies, corruption, misconduct and injustice which are over riding the Constitution for the purpose of: 1 Business 2 Control and Governance 3 Order and Lifestyle If all the three terms mentioned above in any agreement are under Constitution for the purpose of achievement, we will see justice, other wise, people who mandate us deserve equal respect under the constitution as the right full citizen of this country. In any agreement between investors and government must base upon the constitution which will give equal opportunity to our people. To cut the long story short, In any dealings, we must in every way make decision based upon the constitution. If Bible is the foundation of our constitution, we must act to that effect otherwise the nation will be under Judgement, for violiating a divine law. Please friends, pray for the peace of God to the Nation of Papua New Guinea Gresham Louis Boroko Port Moresby.

PM is heading for more trouble if he continue to hold the office of the Prime Minister. I wish the Defence Force will intervene to lead a military cool. We just can sit and watch. Students are dying for the good of everyone. can the whole country stand down?

I think that these black kids deserved to be shot. They were being bad people and not listening to the mayor

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