Nauru Parliament To Be Dissolved Ahead Of Election

Government efforts to quell dissent lead to groundswell for change: Opposition MP

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, June 9, 2016) – Nauru's election date could be announced in Parliament tomorrow as a controversial term ends.

Riddell Akua is one of two opposition MPs who remain in Parliament after the others were suspended two years ago, and said the government's moves to shut down dissent have backfired and prompted a groundswell for change.

He said the fee hike for nominations, from $100 to $2000 Australian dollars was way above anything he's seen in his time in Parliament.

Mr Akua said while people are afraid of speaking out as they may lose their jobs, many are likely to show their displeasure at the ballot box.

"It's happening again now, that occurred in 2003, so I'm seeing it all over again, but now it's not about the economy, the economy is running pretty well, but it's about the right of people."

"It's about the fear of what is happening, it's about the fear of tomorrow, that an MP can be suspended," he said.

Riddell Akua said despite the government's fee hike, many hopeful candidates are keen to stand.

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