Business Back To Normal In PNG Capital Following Unrest On Campus

Port Moresby virtually shut down during police action at UPNG

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, June 10, 2016) – Normalcy was restored to business in Port Moresby yesterday following Wednesday’s mayhem.

Port Moresby Chamber of Commerce and Industry president David Conn said that many businesses had recommenced trading including the shops, most of which were forced to close their doors early on Wednesday for fear of things getting out of hand.

Mr Conn in commenting on the situation had said lack of public transport in such incidences was always a hindrance but that many companies had took their own measures to ensure staff were safe getting to and from work.

"The main hindrance to business was the threat of unrest rather than actual incidents, although there have been several, and if they were members have not complained to us," he added.

Trading at the service stations in the city had also recommenced but cautiously.

Puma Energy’s government and corporate affairs manager Bruce Apana said tantamount to its operations was the safety of its staff and everything had been done to ensure this was not compromised. Equally important was its responsibility of supplying fuel to its customers.

"Whilst we took all necessary measures to ensure all our staff were safe we also ensured that we had the ability to continue to service our customers where we could given the circumstances not just in Port Moresby but across the country where Puma Energy has a presence," Mr Apana said.

ExxonMobil had also confirmed the closure of some of its service stations on Wednesday in the wake of the unrest in the city.

"As a precaution we closed our Gerehu (Rainbow) and Tokarara service stations for a few hours yesterday. However, all sites are trading normally today (yesterday) with the exception of Islander which was already temporarily closed for our ongoing maintenance and tank integrity program."

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