Multi-Media Report About Climate Change In Solomons Wins UN Award

‘The Vanishing Island’ deftly uses images to convey horror of rising sea’s impact

By Bradford Theonomi

HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Star, June 13, 2016) – A climate change documentary filmed about Taro Island, the provincial headquarters of Choiseul province, has won an UN award.

The short film is described as one of the best examples of excellent journalism, covering the plight of humans facing the challenges of climate change related issue including relocation.

“The multimedia production was an example of excellent journalism that sets a new high in covering the plight of people living in remote places and provided readers with rich detail about the human cost of climate change,” judges say.

According to judges, the brilliant tropical colours that formed the backdrop in the photographs juxtaposed with the horror of the unfolding story was exceptional.

Titled ‘The Vanishing Island’, it looks at the story of Taro Island in the Solomon Islands, perhaps the first provincial capital in the world to be abandoned because of the impacts of climate change.

The Age newspaper photographer Penny Stephens and his team travelled to Taro to produce the film.

Adam Morton, Penny Stephens and Marija Ercegovac were named winners of the 2016 UN Association of Australia World Environment Day Media Award as people behind the document compilation.

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