Fiji Submits $24 Million Coastal Protection Proposal To Green Climate Fund

Board considering proposal; initial impression is that it is likely to be funded

By Tevita Vuibau In Belgium

SUVA, Fiji (Fiji Times, June 17, 2016) – Fiji has made a proposal to the Green Climate Fund for a coastal protection project that is understood to be in the ballpark of $50 million [US$24 million].

Green Climate Fund board member and Netherlands head of Climate and Energy Division Jacob Waslander said the board was still considering the proposal, but added the Netherlands understood the need to help Fiji.

"From the Dutch perspective, we understand the huge problem you face in the Pacific and we are also of the opinion that we have to assist you address those problems," he said.

"In the Green Climate Fund, we have had the first eight projects approved. One of the eight was from the Pacific region for Samoa. It's the next board meeting at the end of June where we will have the next proposal coming from Fiji. And I must look at it in a bit more depth.

"My advisers are working on it but my first impressions are very positive in the sense that this addresses the immediate problems you are facing with coastal protection issues.

"It is something that we Dutch have to deal with ourselves because half of our country is below sea level so we do a lot of coastal protection and we also understand that you should do that as well and we should assist you with it.

"So that is also why I will look at it with a favourable attitude because we should help and we should not forget about those islands which are in the Pacific region so in that sense I am also."

The Green Climate Fund earlier approved a $31m climate adaptation grant for the Asian Development Bank's (ADB) planned Fiji Urban Water Supply and Wastewater Management Project that will benefit a third of the country's population of 860,000.

Under GCF processes, the financial feasability and environmental and social issues with the project must be considered before approval for any project is given and engineers must also assess the design of all projects.

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