Unrest At University Of Goroka Unrelated To Boycott At University Of PNG

Student government at UOG says clash was due to drunken students from different provinces

By Ale Asa

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, June 17, 2016) – University of Goroka (UOG) Student Representative Council (SRC) says the clash among students in Goroka is not related to the nationwide unrest.

In a press conference between UOG SRC Enga students  and the Enga provincial government representative in Wabag, UOG SRC representative Lawrence Anton said the incident in Goroka campus was not related to the shooting of students at University of Papua New Guinea or the students boycott at Lae University of Technology.

Anton said the UOG administration and students have settled the problem about  boycotting of classes and were on two weeks break given by the administration as recover period when drunken students from Eastern Highlands and Chimbu instigated the problem.

He said the school administration has given two weeks break upon students request for recovery for the prolong boycott of classes.

He said the clash among students erupted when drunken students from Eastern Highlands and Chimbu attacked a Western Highlands student during breakfast within the vicinity of the mess last Monday.

“Engans, mostly student leaders intervened to stop the fight but were also attacked by the Eastern Highland and Chimbu students.

“The locals later came in armed weapons including bows and arrows, guns, spear, shields and bush knives and attacked Enga, Western Highlands, Jiwaka, Southern Highlands and Hela students,” he said.

He added that the locals came in the aid of Eastern Highlands and Chimbu students and went riot in the campus resulting in many students injured.

SRC Vice President Mark Kapa said it was a plan attacked by locals and students from Chimbu and Goroka.

He requested Enga provincial government with other provincial government's whose students injured to hold an independent investigation into the incident.

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I Lawrence Anton, the current UOG SRC caretaker president would like to commend the reconciliation team of the university of goroka for the job well done. It is with my great respect to my action governor Grand Chief Sir Peter Ipatas for his full fatherly assistance at all cost to bring us back to UOG. I now would like to prove to my statements in the post-courier that it is true that the incident at UOG is totally different from the unrest and we are continuing with our studies as normal.

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