New Satellite Service Brings Broadband Internet To Remote Vanuatu

High-speed connection set up in rural Lambubu area on Malekula Island

PORT VILA, Vanuatu (Vanuatu Daily Post, June 24, 2016) – Kacific Broadband Satellites has announced its first operational service, a high-speed broadband internet connection into the rural Lambubu area on Malekula Island in Vanuatu.

The service, which is based at Lambubu Primary School, is providing a broadband internet connection at speeds of up to 17 Mbps from a Ku-band satellite. A small VSAT terminal has been installed to receive the signal, and all villagers can now get the benefit of high speed internet connectivity. Matevulu College in Luganville was also recently connected, and several further schools and healthcare centres will be connected over the next few weeks.

The installation at Lambubu School is the result of a joint project between the Vanuatu government, local ISP Telsat and Kacific.

“This broadband connectivity from Kacific is a major step in our work to provide universal internet access to the people of Vanuatu,” said Dalsie Baniala, head of the Telecommunications & Radiocommunications Regulator (TRR).

“The computer lab at Lambubu School will in future develop into a government service centre, providing internet and educational and health services to the wider community.

“This connectivity will provide previously unheard of educational opportunities for the children, as well as improving health outcomes for all villagers,” she said.

“I am very excited to see our first service in operation,” said Jacques-Samuel Prolon, General Manager of Kacific.

“The immediate need in Vanuatu is education and healthcare, but beyond this, affordable broadband internet enables more effective emergency planning and disaster recovery programmes. Broadband will open up opportunities to government to provide important services to regions of Vanuatu that would otherwise be under-served. The connectivity will also create opportunities for people in rural Vanuatu to engage in e-commerce, which can subsequently increase the wealth of communities.”

Telsat owner and director Rod Smith said that the VSAT terminals were low-cost and very easy to install, but also robust and portable which is important in times of cyclones and earthquakes.

“We are seeing huge demand for broadband internet in Vanuatu. Once we get it into more schools, I think the demand will skyrocket. The kids take it home and teach the adults.”

Mr Prolon says that the deployment at Lambubu School is proof of the vision that started Kacific back in 2013.

“We wanted to create a frugal service that uses proven technology. We’ve designed it as a nimble, easy to deploy service that can adapt to different circumstances.

“If we provide good network quality at a price that people can afford, then demand increases dramatically.

“We’ve had a very strong response to our service, not just from islands around the Pacific, but far beyond, from South America to Africa.”

Kacific now has over US$200 million of bandwidth in signed commitments from nations throughout the Pacific and south east Asia.

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People of lambubu are now very proud of that computer lap,cause they experience someting that they know before, knowing new things promoting their standard to as well.go lambubu

Now people from lambubu,pay small fees of 250 per week,to school for downloading and enjoy that Internet service.

can Aore be involve or we are interested in buying for school and staff individual

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