New SODELPA Leader Meets With Party Executives

Rabuka listens, will go slowly in introducing any changes

By Losalini Bolatagici

SUVA, Fiji (Fiji Times, June 29, 2016) – Newly-elected SODELPA leader Sitiveni Rabuka had his first meeting with the party executives on Tuesday where he was shown the path of the party as they head towards the 2018 general election.

Mr Rabuka said he had no immediate aim of changing anything but may introduce some changes along the way.

He said people may think there were changes in the party looking from outside and they may think he would be introducing many changes, however, the pillar policy of the party and the constitution of the party were in harmony with his thoughts.

If there are changes, he said, they had already been accommodated in the party documents. He has pleaded with the people not to look back at the events of 1987 where he championed indigenous rights but look at the good things achieved for the benefit of other races afterward.

"Since my re-emergence into the political arena, sadly people have looked right back to the beginning in 1987. They never look back to 1997 and the Constitution that we had produced with the co-operation of the National Federation Party and Fiji Labour Party. They forget the effort put in towards the re-engineering of our Constitution between 1992 and 1997 and then the elections of 1999," Mr Rabuka said.

"I feel confident there are enough people, enough leaders in those political groups who remember the sacrifices we made, not only me but the indigenous member of Parliament during my leadership that made a lot of sacrifices. They gave away a lot on the mutual understanding that although they are non-indigenous and indigenous, whatever is good for the indigenous people will be good for the other races. It was not a mutual inclusive program."

The instigator of the 1987 coups, confessed those events had led to the 2000 and 2006 coups. He then went on to reiterate that SODELPA does not support coups.

"They believe in discussions and the legal resolution of political and national issues, in fact excluding the execution of the coups whether it may be military or civilian and they hope that will die down."

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