Tinian Casino Developer Holds ‘Historic’ Earthmoving Ceremony

Alter City Group breaks ground on $1.7 billion resort

By Junhan B. Todiño

SAIPAN, CNMI (Marianas Variety, June 29, 2016) – The development of Alter City Resort on Tinian is only a starting point as Alter City Group Holdings Limited tries to create a new legacy on island, company president and board chair Leong Kin Ian said.

“This investment will bring the value of the island to the next level, together with Tinian and the CNMI government,” Leong said during an earthmoving ceremony for the $1.7 billion resort project on Tuesday.

Gov. Ralph Torres, in his remarks, said they were marking a “historical day” that celebrated the “hard work” of Tinian’s leadership.

“This type of leadership is what we need. This is what we have and this is why Alter City is successful because they also have the right leadership,” the governor said, as he acknowledged all Tinian officials, including the mayor, lawmakers, municipal council members and the various regulatory agencies.

Torres urged Alter City to continue supporting the Tinian leadership, adding that the island’s officials are taking care of the people and Tinian’s economy.

“When you succeed we succeed,” he told the Alter City Group.

Tinian Mayor Joey Patrick San Nicolas also lauded ACG’s “unwavering support” for various activities of the municipal government and the community.

He said the earthmoving ceremony is “undoubtedly an achievement,” and is only the beginning of what they envision to be a long and prosperous relationship between ACG and the people of Tinian.

“Today’s event is no small feat,” the mayor said, adding that ACG continues to work hard in pursuing its vision to develop Tinian.

Speaking before more than 200 guests from overseas and CNMI community, Leong emphasized Alter City Group’s “successful development portfolio” in mainland China and Macau, and its successful real estate development, hotel, entertainment and tourism ventures.

He said ACG is determined to develop a world-class holiday resort on Tinian that includes 5-star hotels, green vacation villas, service apartments, VIP clubs, a commercial and entertainment center, a golf course, corporate villas and a resort complex to offer travelers “a whole new dimension of experience.”

Lt. Gov. Victor Hocog said the administration will continue to prioritize development programs for the CNMI, adding that ACG’s project will create new opportunities for the people of Tinian.

Hocog also asked ACG to ”look into” its partnership with Northern Marianas College in establishing a tourism college.

During the ceremony, ACG officials signed a memorandum of understanding with various partners including Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd, Agile, Duty Free and NMC.

In an interview, ACG chief executive officer Edvon Sze said after acquiring an earthmoving permit they will proceed with the construction phase of the project.

“We will be very busy this month getting the permit, and the construction materials should arrive during the last quarter of this year,” he told Variety.

He appreciated the “strong commitment of support” from the CNMI government, saying that ACG will continue to work hard with the commonwealth and its regulatory agencies.

Regarding the MOU with the community college, he said: “This is just an initial part of our close working relationship with NMC in setting up a college for hotel management and hospitality.”

The chairman of the Tinian Legislative Delegation, Sen. Jude Hofschneider, said the ceremony showed how serious ACG’s commitment has been “since the beginning.”

He said the Tinian leadership is ready to assist ACG in any way to move its Alter City Resort project forward.

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