One-Stop Centers For Micronesians Fight Back Amid Criticism

Honolulu Civil Beat speaks with the administrators of the We Are Oceania One-Stop Center for COFA migrants in Hawaii after a newspaper Op-Ed piece blasted the U.S. Department of Interior for funding the center. 

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I will addressing some re-bottle to this report and to further to first thanking Assistant Secretary of Insular Affairs, Esther Kiaaina for her leadership (representing United States) to overseen good policy on Human Right and Civil Right to the many struggling FSM Natives in Pacific, and Micronesian region. Thank You! Number#02, Since the current FSM leaders have encouraging this Guam's Deportation for all FSM, especially Chuukese they have committed minor crimes & others to sent back home to FSM. Furthers, I would hope Assistant Secretary of Insular Affairs, Esther Kiaaina to help me put into another language to US Congress, will install into ASAP languages of new Compact of Free, for a strong punishment for all FSM leaders, and their State FSM Governors to prosecuted for continued committing crimes against civil right and human right in their country for a long time. This is an example of a deadbeat negligent dad, having lots of babies without him take accountability to raise his children financially, and morally. However, The key issue, is having a new resolution of punishment ( into Compact of Free) for every FSM leaders were encouraging corruption, lazy to do their job, poverty, diseases and neglected their accountability to both FSM, and United States. This will be special policy and allow our FBI to get into FSM and arresting these criminals. This will solve quickly on the major issue facing our country, the FSM and US. Also, I would like, to see the new punishment for FSM leaders Criminals to sent them off to Nauru, or Gitmo's serving their time there... Would that be great. Have great day!

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