Ni-Vanuatu Student In China Receives Top Student Award For Academic Excellence

First from Vanuatu to graduate from East China Normal University with Master’s degree

By Anita Roberts

PORT VILA, Vanuatu (Vanuatu Daily Post, July 6, 2016) – One of the most prestigious universities in China, East China Normal University (ECNU) in Shanghai has presented its top student award recognizing the outstanding academic performance in education leadership and policy to a ni-Vanuatu student.

Reginal Garoleo has been undertaking master’s studies in China since last year. He is from Lasive village in North Pentecost.

Garoleo made his way through a class of 25 foreign master’s students to scoop the Excellence Award of ECNU 2016. He has been honored during graduation on June 28 as the highest ranking student with Isabelle Morris from Grenada in the Caribbean Islands.

In Education, ECNU is among the top ranking universities in China including Peking Normal University.Garoleo is the first Ni-Vanuatu to graduate from the ECNU Master’s Program. He also holds a Bachelor Degree in Education Administration and Policy.

He is known to be the first citizen to graduate as a school principal majoring in educational administration and policy.

Throughout his time at university, he was also awarded other awards as the Dux of the University of Goroka in Papua New Guinea in 2013.

The university also awarded him two other highest awards known as the Best Faculty of Education Award and University Leadership Award of the year.

Garoleo attended a French Teachers’ program known as Centre de Formation des Maîtres du Secondaire in 1990 to 1991 with extension studies at Creipac Teachers College in New Caledonia and Hochiminh-Ville University in Vietnam.

Before joining the master’s degree program in China, he was holding the position of principal in the most prestigious college of Vanuatu, Malapoa College.He served under the Ministry of Education for the past 26 years as a teacher and administrator.

He has contributed to the education sector in many ways and known to be the initiator of the Vt1 billion China-Malapoa Extension Project that is underway.The master degree holder has applauded the Chinese Government, through the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Education for financing his studies, as well as the Chinese Embassy in Vanuatu.

The Ministry of Education in Vanuatu through the office of the Director General, Teaching Service Commission and Education Services are applauded for allowing him the opportunity for further studies.

“Leadership of a school principal is a 365 days learning, passion, and inspiration stimulating the learners’ brain intellectually as well as move their hearts to change themselves, their homes, islands, provinces and country. In the 21st century, for aspiring principals, novice principals, and practicing principals, a school is where brilliant children go to learn from brilliant teachers and share ideas with other brilliant students as well,” said Garoleo.

Apart from the Excellence Award, ECNU has also appointed Garoleo as its Alumni Messenger to nominate candidates such as school principals to study in Shanghai under the sponsorship of the Chinese Government.Mr Garoleo will be returning to Vanuatu on July 13.

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