Essential Services In PNG Will Not Be Disrupted, SOEs Reassure

Water, electric companies, port and airline execs claim no stoppage to occur

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, July 13, 2016) – All essential services will not be disrupted today as feared and it is business as usual in Port Moresby.

This is after all chief executive officers of the State-owned enterprises who provide the essential services to the people of PNG gave their support for the Government yesterday.

Management of Eda Ranu, Air Niugini, PNG Power and PNG Ports yesterday said they all stood united to assure all residents that they will not stop the services they provide today as per the notice sent out since Sunday by a group calling itself concerned and professional Papua New Guineans for a stop-work and stop of essential services.

Air Niugini management issued a statement to reassure the travelling public that flights will operate as normal during the proposed stop-work period.

"We have an obligation to serve the people of Papua New Guinea and overseas," Air Niugini management said.

"We encourage travellers who are booked to travel tomorrow to contact our customer service desk in Port Moresby for flight updates."

PNG Power Ltd chief executive officer Chris Bais sent out a notice that PPL will continue to maintain the electricity services nationwide amid threats by the PNG Civil Society Group about the disruption of essential services as of tonight.

"PPL will not take part in any stop work or shut down of power supply as this is not an industry issue but a political fight," he said.

Mr Bais said the threats have sparked fear and anxiety among electricity consumers of the impending power outage relating to the purported strike action.

PNG Ports Corporation chief executive officer Stanley Alphonse said its employees are not going on strike, nor will they join in the industrial action proposed.

by the trade unions in the country.

"It’s business as usual," Mr Alphonse said.

Eda Ranu Chief executive officer Henry Mokono said yesterday that Eda Ranu was not part of the Workers Union strike and that it will operate as normal today.

"Eda Ranu does not know the actual impacts of the threats posed by concerned citizens and professional, hence, normal Eda Ranu operations including water, waste discharge and maintance will continue," he said.

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Yes we can unit use cohesive powers but we cant see change, if we rove the plagues in our minds than development will foot rapidly, if not we will always be our sister pacific nations baby sister. Than you PNG.

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