Former Nauru MP Won’t Stop His Outspoken Criticism Of Government

Kun moves to New Zealand to be with family

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, July 13, 2016) – The former Nauru opposition MP Roland Kun says he won't stop speaking out about matters affecting his country now that he is in New Zealand.

Mr Kun was making his first public comments since arriving in Wellington on Monday on a New Zealand passport which was issued on humanitarian grounds.

The Nauruan government confiscated his passport a year ago, and accused him of taking part in protests on the island and speaking out in the international media, suspending him from parliament but not laying any charges.

Mr Kun had been keeping a low profile in Nauru since moves got underway to get him a New Zealand passport and he didn't stand for election in the weekend polls.

"I don't intend on not having an opinion or keeping my opinions to myself especially in terms of governance and what government is doing. I'm going to be vocal and I'm going to continue to have an opinion on what these guys are doing."

Mr Kun said his focus is his family including three children who he had not seen for a year.

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