Palau Community College's Accreditation Reaffirmed

Palau Community College 
Koror, Palau

July 13, 2016

Palau Community College recently received a letter from the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges, Western Association of Schools and Colleges President Dr. Barbara A. Beno regarding its accreditation status.

As of July 8, 2016 the accreditation status of the community college had been reaffirmed for 18 months.

The college is required to submit a Follow-Up Report by October 15, 2017 demonstrating that it has resolved the following deficiencies in order to meet accreditation standards:

  1. PCC must complete its planned schedule of assessment for the institution-set standards and publish the results;
  2. PCC should provide an opportunity for third-party comments prior to site visits in accordance with the Commission’s policy on Rights and Responsibility of Commission and Member Institutions; and
  3. the PCC governing board should implement a mechanism to make public the results of its performance evaluation.

As an accredited institution, Palau Community College is required to submit an Institutional Self-Evaluation Report to the ACCJC-WASC at the end of an accreditation cycle. The report is a self-assessment conducted by the institution regarding its student learning, student success, and institutional effectiveness.

Members of the accreditation commission review the report in order to determine whether the college is meeting the eligibility requirements, accreditation standards, and commission policies set for institutional accreditation.

On Dec. 24, 2015 the community college submitted its Institutional Self-Evaluation Report along with supporting evidence materials to the Commission.

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Congratulations! I retired as dean and director of the School of Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences and the Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station. We were a member of ADAP. My best wishes as you pursue your Follow-Up Report.

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