Former Solomon Islands PM Says Anti-Corruption Bill Will Never Be Passed

Kemakeza doesn’t believe current MPs in parliament will change system that can enrich them

By Aatai John

HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Star, July 18, 2016) – Former Prime Minister (PM) Sir Allan Kemakeza says the Anti Corruption Bill will never be passed by Members of Parliament (MP), until this country elect the right people come next election to lead Solomon Islands.

Sir Kemakeza expressed during a brief interview at his Visale home,Northwest Guadalcanal after this paper managed to get his view on the controversies surrounding the facilitation and organizing of reconciliation program by the current government.

Sir Kemakeza said he had shared his view with the media on the issue of peace and reconciliation already; however, he only wants to point out that all these things are merely to fill up someone’s pocket.

“Therefore their motive is obvious that the Anti-Corruption Bill will never become a law in the parliament as we heading towards 2018.

“Prove me wrong,” he stressed.

He added MPs cannot pass a law that will handcuffed them and prevent their greedy opportunities to become rich overnight.

The Bill was formulated to combat corruption in Solomon Islands on its forms including; the establishment of an Independent Commission Against Corruption, dealt with complaints, measures to prevent corruption and others.

He said the approach to peace now should be on a different level, but not entertaining cash delivery, because this approach will exhaust government coffers and causing high-blood pressure to the Ministry of Finance and Treasury.

The former MP for Savo/Russell stressed that government had no money to spend on demands related to the ethnic tension, and this is unbelievable for them to unearth none issues of the past to create headaches to tax payers.

He added this Democratic Coalition for Change (DCC) government failed to do things accordingly with the rightful processes of the responsible authorities when dealing with reconciliations.

“Thus, we will not be surprised if they continue to interfere in the work of public offices.

“Just by looking at the bad state of the roads in Honiara, which continue to be repeatedly fixed by poor contractors, it portrays a clear picture of this government.”

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