Former PNG Prime Ministers Support No-Confidence Motion

Somare, Chan says O’Neill mismanaging country; economy

By Gorethy Kenneth

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, July 20, 2016) – Former prime ministers Sir Michael Somare and Sir Julius Chan yesterday pledged to be on the floor of Parliament to vote for the removal of Prime Minister Peter O’Neill. They made their declaration witnessed by another former prime minister Sir Mekere Morauta when announcing their support for the Opposition in Friday’s vote of no-confidence in Mr O’Neill.

The only absentee was another former prime minister Paias Wingti who had been scheduled to appear with the trio in a show of force supporting the Opposition at Laguna Hotel in Port Moresby.

All three called for the removal of Mr O’Neill for mishandling the management of the country and its economy.

A formal 5pm show of support was organised for the former PMs by parliamentary leader of the People’s Progress Party Ben Micah, preceded by a traditional New Ireland dignitary welcoming ceremony.

This involved the acknowledgement gifts of traditional shell money, pigs and food to Sir Michael, Sir Julius and Sir Mekere.

First to speak to party executives and supporters was founding father of the nation Sir Michael Somare followed by Sir Mekere and Sir Julius.

"The country cannot have its buying power anymore and the shop costs are becoming expensive because the administration of our country is not doing the right thing by us. It is very important that we now must call for action taken," Sir Michael said.

Sir Mekere said: "Their lack of accountability and transparency has been comprehensively detailed by the Office of the Auditor-General. Mr O’Neill is not a fit and proper person to remain as Prime Minister."

Sir Julius said: "If the Opposition wins, declare formation of a government of national unity, a government of national honour. Bring the best people from both sides, commit yourself to truly open transparent government and take real steps to keep those promises worth keeping even if they were made by Peter O’Neill and past government, and make them worth and work."

"It is time for all of us to become Papua New Guineans once again and the Grand Chief and I know Paias Wingti will join us, we are now showing you the way," he said.

But last night Prime Minister Peter O’Neill welcomed the statements made by the three senior statesmen and especially the move by Sir Julius Chan to the Opposition.

Mr O’Neill said in Alotau that the nation and the Government thanked Sir Julius for his service, but the global challenges that face the country are different today than in decades past.

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Please allow me to express my view. As a citizen of PNG & resident in Port Moresby, Iv seen and notice most of our leaders are power hungry who desire for more wealth and luxury rather than been a servant with desire to serve the People regardless of the geographical features of the nation. Through out the History, leaders come and go, prime minister changed but the people are still suffering in terms of high cost of basic good and services, poor living standard, lack of employment opportunity and many more. The Current Government was the best out of all the Governments to deliver to the people at the lowest level. However, no one is above the law and that cannot be justified Now the situation is in the brink of crisis. As our public institution are been manulipated by those in power to protect them selves. For the Good of the people and nation, justice must prevail. Either opposition or government, the people need a true leader not a power hungry individual who longs for self gain. We need change, our people need to be looked after and that dose not eventuate a the lowest level. Thank you. AL.

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