PNG Government Confident It Will Survive No-Confidence Vote

O’Neill’s camp claims to have fulfilled promises made in 2012 Alotau Accord

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, July 21, 2016) – "We are not a government that promised the moon, we promised reality for our people."

This was the crux of the Government caucus that concluded an intensive day of review of the achievements it has made through the implementation of deliverables in the 2012 Alotau Accord which laid the foundation of the O’Neill government work plan.

The conclusion is the thrust of the Government faction now camping in Alotau, Milne Bay Province, awaiting Friday’s vote of no-confidence in the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.

Yesterday the side said more than 80 Members of Parliament were intact meeting in the birthplace of the Accord.

There Mr O’Neill welcomed the commitment of the caucus to completing the work plan laid out in the Alotau Accord set following the 2012 election by the parties and members that went on to form government.

"The Alotau Accord is now an historic agreement in the history of our nation.

"This is the most forward thinking platform for any elected government in the history of Papua new Guinea.

"This document clearly identifies key priority areas that we need to advance in our country if we are to deliver real and tangible change for our communities.

"We promised the reality that we could deliver in education, healthcare, law and order and infrastructure, and we are delivering on what we promised.

"It is fulfilling to see that we have achieved close to 90 per cent of our commitments under the Alotau Accord and we will deliver a full report in this in the coming months," Mr O’Neill said.

Public Services Minister Sir Puka Temu highlighted the goodwill that underpinned the document under a government of reconciliation that has performed very well through political stability.

"Although some of our former PMs have left us to join the Opposition, we will continue to deliver services to our people until the 2017 elections.

"The coalition political parties set out from here in 2012 to deliver key services like free education, free health services, infrastructure development, law and order and economic development, and we have proven to our people by implementing our policies.

"This is the Government the people of Papua New Guinea will recognise to have delivered the fastest rate of development the nation has ever seen.

"We look forward to returning to Port Moresby this Friday and maintaining our position in government," he said.

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