Guam Senator Calls For Committee Voting Equality At Next Democratic Convention

Currently each territory has representatives on each of the 3 standing committees, only has a quarter vote

HAGÅTÑA, Guam (Marianas Variety Guam, August 01, 2016) – As the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia wrapped up late last week, members of state and territory delegations met for a post-convention party meeting.

During the meeting, Sen. Rory Respicio, Democratic National committeeman for Guam, informed leaders of the National Democratic Committee that he would push for equal representation for Guam and the other territories at the next Democratic National Convention.

Much of the work of each convention is done by three standing committees: platform, rules and credentials.

Currently, each territory has representatives on each of these standing committees. However, each of the representatives only has a quarter vote, unlike their stateside colleagues. Speaking with the newly elected National Democratic Party Chairwoman Donna Brazile and the other DNC members, Respicio said that the territories should have a full vote and that this rule “needs to be changed to reflect the tenants of the Democratic Party where everyone is included and treated equally.”

Brazile was recently appointed chairwoman after her predecessor, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, was forced to step down following the leaking of emails showing a bias of party officials for nominee Hillary Clinton over her opponent, Sen. Bernie Sanders, while the nomination process was still underway.

Respicio spoke before the Democratic National Committee in its post-convention meeting and raised the issues of unfair federal mandates as well as other territorial concerns, and spoke to the importance of eliminating fractional votes from territories, unlike representatives from the states. Following the meeting, Respicio pressed the matter personally with Brazile.

Respicio said that he and Democratic National Committeewoman Taling Taitano would pursue the issue in advance of the next Democratic National Convention, and also pressed party leaders to have the DNC appoint at least one member from the territories to serve on the Rules and By-laws Committee that sets the rules for the next national convention in four years.

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