PNG Public Enterprises Minister: Corruption And Nepotism Is Rife in State-Owned Enterprises

"We can do better", change the culture

By Jeffrey Elapa

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, August 01, 2016) – Public Enterprises and State Investments Minister William Duma is concerned that corruption, nepotism and complacency are rife in all the state-owned enterprises.

Mr Duma expressed his concern when addressing the chairmen of boards and chief executive officers during a meeting at Grand Papua Hotel last Friday.

He said corruption, nepotism and complacency is a big problem and SOE employees must change their conduct of businesses and how they operate and run their enterprises.

Mr Duma said the recruitment system was not fair and transparent as nepotism was a culture, incompetency and complacency are major problems.

"Conflict of interest and corruption is rife and that is a bad inducement. This is not a good way. We are in a better place to do better for our people but we continue to fail our people.

"We accept bribery. We are our worst enemy and it concerns me. I hope we change our attitudes and do better for our people.

"Not everyone is doing that. All our entities have competent people and I have trust in them but we have to try and stop this culture for a change. My message is if we can change our attitude it’s better," he said.

Mr Duma said Post PNG has deviated from the original mail business and moved into logistics business and it is incumbent on all SOEs to give business to Post PNG so that money and business is given back to one of their companies.

He said every SOE should be working together and for instance, all SOE insurance needs should be given to Pacific MMI and logistics business to Post PNG.

"We can do better. Look at what business the SOEs are in and give business to each other. For every SOE’s insurance needs we have Pacific MMI so give your insurance business to Pacific MMI," he said.

Mr Duma said Kumul Consolidated Holding board appointment processes will be amended in the August sitting of Parliament as there was a need.

He said there was a problem in the current KCH board appointment as they could reappoint themselves as the law allows that and not through an appointment system as should be the case.

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Thank you Minister, That is very True. We serve our white masters as superior over our own people. No opportunity for national as corruptions takes its roots. Such staff or employees be fired, period. Thanks AL POM.

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