Advocate: Basic Services In PNG Like Education, Health And Infrastructure Hardly Reach Most People In Remote Areas

National government budget allocations to rural areas do not correspond to the outcomes claimed

By Ale Asa

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, August 1, 2016) – Basic services like education, health and infrastructure hardly reaches most people in remote areas around the country.

Miss Judy Waim, an elementary teacher teaching at Yaumanda Catholic Elementary school in Wali-Taula LLG, Kompiam District, Enga said this on Friday when she described her two years struggle to educate underprivileged and neglected people in this area.

"I'm from another district in Enga but have felt sorry for these neglected people and have taught for two years ago where I have seen more than 200 children enrolling here and are crowded into three bush material built classrooms," she said.

She said that so far the Catholic Church has established five (5) elementary schools in the LLG area and urged the local government to step into assisting this disadvantage people that have been living for centuries.

"The national government talks about budgeting billions of kina every year in Waigani but it doesn't make sense when universal basic services like health and education are not seen by the bulk of our people in the rural areas," Miss Waim said.

Ward Council of Aiyal Tribe of Yaumanda,Mark Hann said, he very much appreciate the Catholic Church for its initiatives pledged to his people.

"My people have lived in this valley still following in the footsteps of our forefathers where many people die from curable diseases like malaria and mothers during child births," Cr Hann said.

He said that the warring tribes in the fertile and mineral rich valley had made peace and reconcile in the presence of community and church leaders in the hope of getting government services like roads.

"I'm appealing to local our member  to intervene and rescue us through delivering basic services," Councillor Hann said.

The outspoken councillor said people engage in such criminal activities such as tribal warfare because isolated people are not expose to the outside world of privilege and opportunities.

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