New Vanuatu Office Established To Manage Cyclone Recovery Funds

Office plans to provide evaluation tools and information to donors, including justification for further funding if needed

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, Augist 02, 2016) – The Vanuatu Government is setting up a new building to consolidate all Cyclone Pam recovery projects in the one office.

The Minister of Agriculture, Matai Seremaiah and his director general, Howard Aru will be in charge of the Management Project Unit Haos.

It will handle more than $US30 million dollars from the European Development Fund for use in the cyclone recovery process.

Mr Aru says highly qualified staff have been hired to use an independent information system to measure progress on each project which will allow donor partners to have access to information on the projects they fund, so that they know why, or if, more funding is needed.

The new unit will be separate from the Prime Minister's Office which already has an office dealing with all donor funded government development projects.

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