Member Of New Norfolk Regional Council: Finding The New Governance System 'Unsatisfactory'

Changes in income tax, health coverage, pension systems, legislation among new governance issues

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, August 03, 2016) – One of Norfolk Island's new regional councillors Lisle Snell says they are finding the new governance system unsatisfactory and it's putting stress on some of the island's residents.

It's a month since a regional council under New South Wales was brought in to run the island after Canberra shut down the island's parliament a year ago, removing Norfolk's autonomy.

Mr Snell was the island's chief minister under the old administration and he says councillors are stymied under the new regime.

He says everyone is trying to make it work but there are many changes to work through.

"I'm referring to income tax, changes in health, changes in pension systems, changes in legislation, governance issues and so on. It's a huge change for the people of Norfolk Island and some of them are very very stressed about it."

Mr Snell said the elderly, sick and the unemployed were especially struggling.

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