PNG Grand Chief Somare To Campaign For The National Party In 2017 General Election

Somare backs current National Party leader Kerenga Kua formerly of National Alliance Party

By Jeffrey Elapa

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, August 08, 2016) – Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare has declared his intention to campaign for the National Party to lead the next Government in the 2017 General Election.

Speaking during the National Party fundraiser at Dynasty Restaurant in Port Moresby last Friday, the founding father said he wants to see the National Party and other political parties grow in number to be able to form the next Government.

He said his support for the National Party is in fact a reciprocal to the support the party gave as one of the first political parties and he believes that it would be the political vehicle to change the destiny of the country.

He said he was sad to see Mr Kua leave the National Alliance Party this year but he is reassured that he has found a political vehicle where not only is he behind the wheel but he can choose the desired destination and follow that course.

"The vehicle of choice of course is the National Party and I feel I am among old friends on Mr Kua’s journey. My dealings with the National Party began with the late Thomas Kavali who became a member of the House of Assembly and was part of my first Cabinet in 1972. But another important founding member of the National Party was the vibrant late Iambakey Okuk who really gave prominence to the party after leaving Pangu Pati," he said.

"In those early years our thoughts were first and foremost to unite the people of PNG. We did not have Digicel or other such technologies so you can imagine how difficult that ambition seemed for us and unimaginable at best for the rest of the country. But we did it!

"We had determined leaders like Sir Pita Lus who despite his lack of education and our own crude levels of education we agreed on ideologies that would lead to the establishment of the goals and directives for the emerging state of Papua New Guinea.

"A real success today for me is the pride our people have in our separate ethnicity and identity..."

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Infact we see the quality of a leader through our former leading men of our country. They are our true, and very genuine leaders who has got the heart for our people and a nation as a whole. They fought economically, and spiritually for the betterment of our country... We treasure and cherish them and not forgetting their establishment...

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