CNMI Governor Expects Announcement Soon On CNMI-Only Transitional Worker Visa Situation

'902' talks also an opportunity to remphasize CNMI concerns over military plans

By Cherrie Anne E. Villahermosa

SAIPAN, CNMI (Marianas Variety, August 29, 2016) – Governor Ralph D.L.G. Torres on Friday said the CNMI team was able to express their concerns related to CW and military issues during the recently held round two of the 902 talks with the U.S. government.

He did not elaborate, but did say U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services is expected to come out with an announcement soon about the CW situation in the CNMI.

“We should be getting reports from U.S. Homeland Security and USCIS very soon or in a few weeks. Definitely there is some progress in connection with the CW situation and the military. I think we were able to get our concerns across with a detailed history of our workforce which is very important, the current economic stability and the projected revenue and infrastructure business proposals that are on the table So all our concerns have been presented and a report will be coming out in a few weeks,” said the governor who arrived Friday from Hawaii where he witnessed a military live-fire training activity.

With Torres were Senate Vice President Arnold Palacios, Senate President Frank Borja and Rep. Edwin Aldan.

The governor said the live-fire training was open to the public and was held at a beautiful beach in Hawaii.

He said they made some recommendations to the military with regard to its plans for Tinian, and these will be further discussed by the end of September.

“We have to repeat and reemphasize our concerns in order for us to move forward. They will come here at the end of September to discuss the project, and by then we will have an opportunity to see bigger projects that are moving forward,” the governor said.

Torres said the September meeting with the military is part of the ongoing 902 talks.

He will seek an audience with lawmakers to update them about CW and military issues.

“There were so many issues after the second round of the 902 talks, and I was not able to sit down with [lawmakers] to update them but I will do that this week,” Torres said.

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