Danish Parliamentary Study Tour Of Australia's Asylum Seeker Detention On Nauru Intended To Be Kept Secret

Secrecy rationale predicated on pattern of protest by self-harm of detainees, study tour plan widely criticized

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, August 26, 2016) – A Danish parliamentian planning to visit Nauru says the study tour of Australia's asylum seeker detention centre was meant to be kept secret.

Martin Henriksen said the trip of the six-party parliamentary delegation had been long in the planning and was to be made public after the MPs' return.

He told Radio24syv that he had been advised that during a recent visit of a United Nations delegation to Nauru people committed self-harm and died.

The travel plans were reportedly instigated at the behest of the Danish People's Party which wanted to study the Australian policy of processing asylum seekers abroad.

Observers in Denmark said it was problematic for a parliamentary delegation to use public funds for a trip which was not declared in advance.

Amnesty International in Denmark said the reason put forward for the trip's secrecy showed what was wrong about going to Nauru.


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