Fiji Police Silent As Site Hacker Targets Prominent Fijians

Hacked site features taunts, explicit images, and death threats

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, August 31, 2016) – Fiji police say they won't comment on the hacking of a website which has been exposing leaked documents from Fiji's authorities.

One of the hackers has continued to target Fijians online and make death threats.

The FijiLeaks Exposed site is boasting that it hacked the UK-based FijiLeaks site, run by the Fijian academic and former journalist Victor Lal.

Fiji Leaks Exposed has published a list of prominent Fijians who it says contacted Mr Lal in the past.

The site features taunts, explicit images, and threats including threats to kill some on the list.

It also features a screenshot supposedly of Mr Lal's hacked computer desktop and provides a blurred screenshot of a folder filled with pornographic images.

Mr Lal said the information and emails had been doctored, as had photos of his own children, which he said had been manipulated to make him look like a paedophile.

Kishore Kumar has owned up to the hacking online and while distancing himself from the FijiLeaks Exposed site, says he acted in tandem with the site's hacker.

Mr Kumar said the actions were justified as he said the targeted people are "traitors" and "snakes".

He said he hadn't been contacted by the Fiji police who said they would not comment on the issue.

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