Nauru Man Loses Pension After Election Appeal Against President

'No longer an uncommon event to be blacklisted if you oppose the government', no comment from Administration

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, September 1, 2016) – A Nauru man has had his only source of income, his pension, cut off by the government.

No reason has been given but Dale Cecil is convinced it is because he has brought an election petition against President Baron Waqa in the Boe constituency.

Mr Cecil accuses Mr Waqa of bribery, treating and breaking advertising laws on election day.

He said at the same time as he registered his electoral petition his pension was stopped.

Mr Cecil said it is no longer an uncommon event to be blacklisted if you oppose the government.

"People are really scared. People on Nauru are scared of what Government is doing, particularly this blacklisting," he said.

"And what happened was I decided to go to the Revenue Office, [and] collect my pension. I went there and the pay lady said 'Oh your pension is on hold'."

Mr Cecil said he was told the stop order had come directly from the Cabinet.

Attempts by RNZ International to get an explanation from the government have gone unanswered.

View the petition here.

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