Air Niugini Launches Twice Weekly Flights To Chuuk, Pohnpei FSM

Air services between PNG, FSM to strengtehn trade links, promote tourism

AUCKLAND, New Zealand (Asia Pacific Report, Sept. 6, 2016) – The government of the Federated States of Micronesia has thanked Papua New Guinea for connecting both countries through air services that are being operated by Air Niugini.

Assistant Secretary for Civil Aviation of the Department of Transportation, Communications and Infrastructure, Massy Halbert, said this new flight route would strengthen trade links and provide more business opportunities.

It would also promote a sense of “Pacificness” between both countries.

Halbert also added that it was historical and both countries will work together to ensure this service is sustained.

“Absolutely, I will continue to do my part, so plans for December to begin the passenger schedule service can proceed,” he said.

Air Niugini has begun operating the special services to Chuuk and Pohnpei in FSM and is flying a special service to FSM for the Pacific Islands Forum leaders summit whose preparatory meeting opens tomorrow.

There were 70 divers, and others, by chance were booked on the first flight PX 4072, operated by Boeing 737-700.

After 2 hr 40 min, the Bird of Paradise touched down at Chuuk. From Chuuk, it took another hour to Pohnpei.

Sharing costs

Air Niugini chief executive officer, Simon Foo, says the partnership is about sharing costs involved in operating this service.

Industries like tourism will be promoted.

“It will be twice a week, from Port Moresby to Chuuk then Pohnpei and back the next day,” he said.

This service saves time and cost.

A passenger, Quinton Devlin who works in the Solomon Islands, said it now only took three hours to Pohnpei rather than connecting through different countries.

“From Honiara, this is the best route with less time,” he said

It’s always a privilege for operating crews, like Ethel Samlai, because normally they are randomly selected.

“I am very privileged and I thank Air Niugini for selecting the team which I was part of,” she said.

Foo said the establishment of this direct service from Papua New Guinea to the Federated States of Micronesia represented a major expansion of Air Niugini in the Pacific and for Port Moresby to become the Pacific’s “hub in the aviation industry”.

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I am a fisheries observer and always hate travelling long distance by transiting to other countries before going to Ponhpei.Now it will be more easy for fisheries industry to fly its officers for duties in PNI and transit easily to other pacific island countries. Congrats Air Niugini for opening that route, you have answered some peoples calls by doing that.

Congratulations Air Niugini , dreams and talks are in action . We in the Marshall Island is very pleased to here this news and if there is any plans for expansions to connect FSM to Majuro and on wards to Honolulu, Hawaii, we are happy to receive communication and to be contacted for further negotiations on this route or others.. we are looking forward to get in touch with Air Niugini. Again Congratulations for a job Well Done Anoop Kumar Member of Aviation Task Force Committee President & CEO Majuro Motors Inc. Majuro, Marshall Islands

I live in Chuuk and want to buy a ticket for my relative in Pohnpei to fly to Chuuk, where can I purchase this ticket and from whom?

Big thank you too much for the airlines. I would like to know how to book ticket from PNI to chuuk. We are going on a mission trip as a team and need direction. Thank u

Go to the Air Niuguini website. You can book online

It's a great flight - shame though it only flies to 2 or the 4 states...especially since it is being subsidized with national funds...

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