Vanuatu Police Evict 200 People From Leased Land Near Tanoliu Village

Houses, church building reportedly torn down during eviction

By Thompson Marango

PORT VILA, Vanuatu (Vanuatu Daily Post, Sept. 9, 2016) – Around 200 people were evicted Wednesday this week from settlements between the near Tanoliu Village following a court order.

Eyewitnesses informed Daily Post that a team of Vanuatu Police and Mobile Force executed the order which resulted in houses including a church being pulled down.

The court order is said to cover an area of 607 hectares of land that has reportedly been leased out by the landowners.

It is yet unknown how many people exactly were affected when bulldozers razed through their homes and will soon do the same to their gardens.

Some of the families have relocated to nearby Tanoliu Village, Malafau Village, and some to Mosso Island.

Police and VMF returned yesterday as bulldozers are still clearing the area.

Full information on the operation is yet to be released by police.

Vanuatu Daily Post
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