Niue Bottled Water Plant Under Scrutiny As Exports Planned

No environmental impact studies done of government owned Noni Niue

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, Sept. 12, 2016) – A Niue water-bottling plant has come under scrutiny as it plans to export its water to New Zealand and North America.

No environmental impact studies were done when the government-owned company Noni Niue set up shop at Vaiea about six months ago.

Niue MP Terry Coe said this is a serious concern because environmental assessments are legally required.

He said he is also worried about the high concentration of calcium in the water which comes from the lens under much of the island.

Many locals complain about the taste of the water from the lens and prefer to drink New Zealand water.

Mr Coe said exporting the bottled water without thorough checks could lead to big trouble for Niue.

"If it does go out like in America and they test it and they find there's something wrong, we're going to be in very big trouble."

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