Vanuatu Health Minister Recognizes Contribution Of Chinese Doctors

Daniel asks Chinese Ambassador to continue to send doctors

By Jonas Cullwick

PORT VILA, Vanuatu (Vanuatu Daily Post, Sept. 19, 2016) – The Minister of Health, Toara Daniel, has expressed the gratitude of the Government and the people of Vanuatu to the current lot of Chinese doctors who are completing their services at the Vila Central Hospital.

Minister Daniel hosted a dinner for the team at the Golden Port Restaurant in Port Vila Friday evening, which was attended also by the Chinese Ambassador to Vanuatu, Liu Quan and Mrs. Sun Xia, the Director General of the Ministry of Health, George Taleo, and senior ministry officials.

“Tonight, we are here together to farewell the Chinese doctors that the Chinese Government has provided to serve the people of Vanuatu,” Minister Daniel said.

“We have 83 islands and it is always difficult to provide a good health service to everyone.

“Thank you to the team leader and the doctors for the work that you have done for the country.

“I know that you’ve been able to visit some of these islands and you know exactly the levels of difficulties they are facing in the health sector.”

The minister emphasized the difficulty facing Vanuatu with a shortage of human resources and he appealed to the Ambassador for more Chinese doctors to come serve in Vanuatu.

The Chinese Ambassador expressed a similar sentiment for the relationship to continue in the foreseeable future.

Ambassador Liu was delighted to attend the dinner. He said he has heard a lot of good stories about the contribution of the Chinese doctors to the development of the health sector in Vanuatu, reflecting the friendly ties between China and Vanuatu since his arrival.

He recalled his time working in Ghana in Africa where he said he saw Chinese doctors working very hard in the rural areas and that he believed the same was for the doctors working in Vanuatu.

“It’s very special for China to have two teams of doctors – one in Santo and one in Port Vila,” the Ambassador said.

“Normally we have just one. In one country, one team, but Vanuatu is special and this emphasizes the now over 30 years of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

“I take this opportunity to express gratitude to our doctors for their great service and also to the Vanuatu Government for your great support to Chinese teams and the hope that this relationship with Chinese doctors support to Vanuatu can continue into future.”

Team leader of the Chinese doctors all serving at the Vila Central Hospital, Dr. Frank Yuan (Yuan Yee Bo), a dentist, expressed the team’s gratitude to the Government of Vanuatu for the opportunity to serve here. He said Vanuatu was lucky to have two teams because of the country’s beautiful landscape and its friendly and fun-loving people.

The team comprises of one interpreter, one surgeon, one acupuncture, one pediatrician, one gynecologist, one physician, one anesthetist working in different departments of the Vila Central Hospital including the surgical ward, outpatient, women’s ward, and children’s ward. One doctor, who does acupuncture, a Chinese traditional healing method, works alone. Each of the members received a certificate of appreciation from the Minister of Health for serving different terms of two years, with the Team Leader five terms, a total of 10 years in Vanuatu. They are leaving September 25 and another team will come to replace them as soon as possible, says Dr. Yuan.

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