Indonesia Expresses Interest In Buy Sugar From Fiji

Indonesian Ambassador talks to Fiji business community about increasing links

By Repeka Nasiko

SUVA, Fiji (Fiji Times, Sept. 27, 2016) – Indonesia has expressed interest in buying Fiji sugar.

While speaking to Nadi's business community last weekend, Indonesia's ambassador to Fiji Dr Gary Jusuf said his country was looking to import sugar from other countries.

"We are a very huge country and Fiji and Indonesia have a lot of similarities in many ways," he said.

"We can offer you our best. We are a country with many trading products.

"One such commodity that we could import from Fiji is sugar. Last month, our president announced that opening for imports for sugar.

"This is one big opportunity for Fiji to come into Indonesia. We need sugar and, to be exact, we need 350,000 tonnes of sugar. We are now seeking sugar imports to Indonesia."

He said another product that Fiji could export to the Asian country was cassava.

"You would be surprised that Indonesia imports cassava," Dr Jusuf said.

"It's not that we don't have cassava, but we don't have enough which is why we import it. However, sugar is much more needed in Indonesia.

"Due to our food industry, sugar is much more needed in the food industry."

Minister for Trade and Industry Faiyaz Koya said there was potential for Fiji to strengthen its relationship with Indonesia in the area of trade and investment.

He said the 2016 Indonesian Trade Expo held next month, to which Fiji had been invited, could be used as an avenue to get exposure to Indonesian products and expand business through networking.

"Therefore, we encourage Fijian businesses to take advantage of such opportunities to further trade and economic interests," he said.

"The Fijian Government has provided the environment and the linkages to international markets such as Indonesia. It is now your chance to make the most of those opportunities.

"In order to further Fiji-Indonesia trade and investment linkages in a co-ordinated manner, it is important that there is business to business co-operation.

"This can be best achieved through the establishment of business councils, that is, Fiji-Indonesia business council and a sister council in Indonesia.

"This will help link like-minded businesses to each other."

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