Solomon Islands Government Supports Cultural Festival As Tourism Strategy

Minister speaks of importance of culture in visitor industry development

By Lesley Sanga, In Buala, Isabel Province

HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Star, Sept. 27, 2016) – The Democratic Coalition for Change Government (DCCG) will continue to support the development and promotion of cultural festivals as a tourism attraction.

Culture and Tourism Minister Bartholomew Parapolo who is also the guest of honour at the current Kodili festival in Buala  made this during the official opening of the festival yesterday in Buala.

“My ministry will continue to support cultural festivals that encourages rural participation, promotes tourism, encourages the preservation of our cultures and promotes nation-building,” Minister Parapolo said.

He said that in turn it will help bring about tangible development and business opportunities for the rural people.

He added that culture is very important to develop the tourism sector.

“From visitors survey conducted in the past by Solomon Islands Visitors Bureau (SIVB), culture and cultural experiences were highlighted as the number of reasons why people decided to visit our country.

“This shows that our cultures are very important strengths for the development of tourism sector,” Mr. Parapolo said.

He added that our culture is very important not only in forgoing a sense of belonging and feeling of unity but they have economic values when expressed them through art, performance, artifacts and through sharing them with different people.

Minister Parapolo said the Kodili festival can be an event that will attract tourists to Isabel if it is promoted strongly in the future.

“Tourism therefore opens up new opportunities for our cultures to become tourism products and attractions.”

He said DCCG is happy with initiative and would like to congratulate the provincial government and the people of Isabel for what they have done.

Monday, Buala is flooded with people from around the province who come to witness the official opening of the programme.

Cultural dances and other activities will continue until Friday this week.

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