Saipan Casino Developer Has Spent $600 Million Already

Best Sunshine provides update on project to CNMI House

By Cherrie Anne E. Villahermosa 

SAIPAN, CNMI (Marianas Variety, Oct. 4, 2016) – Imperial Pacific International, doing business as Best Sunshine International, has already spent a total of $600 million in the CNMI, according to BSI CEO Mark Brown.

Brown and Imperial Pacific executives Tao Xing and Xi Jiao Bo were in the House chamber on Monday to make a presentation on the Grand Mariana Casino Hotel and give lawmakers an update on the project.

Lawmakers reminded the company officials to make sure that they are in compliance with CNMI laws.

The officials were also asked about their effort to train a local workforce, the status of their lease agreement with Mariana Resort and Spa, their Business Gross Revenue Tax payments and their live training facility at T Galleria.

In an interview after the presentation, Brown said the grand opening of Grand Mariana Casino and Hotel would be in June, but the casino facility would open sometime in February.

He said there will be no take over yet of Mariana Resort & Spa as negotiations are still going on regarding its Marpi property.

“Our focus is to get Grand Mariana open,” he added.

“As you know the [Request for Proposals for Mariana Resort’s Marpi property] expired in May and there’s only one group interested in the property and it is us, so we’re still negotiating the lease. Technically the land is not yet ours, it’s still with the [Department of Public Lands] so in the meantime that’s not our land yet, it’s still under negotiation until we agree and until they say it’s ours then we can move forward with the project in Marpi.”

During their presentation in the House chamber, Brown said their “main focus was to talk about taxes and what we’ve been paying all this time, and also to answer those who say we don’t pay taxes. I think we’ve made that clear today. Besides our $15 million annual license fee for which four years have been paid already, or $60 million, as soon as we start construction…[we pay] $20 million in tax on top of the $15 million…. The quicker we [move forward] the more taxes we pay. As our revenues grows, we’ll pay more taxes.”

Brown said they have already spent around $600 million since they started the casino project on Saipan.

“We are not going anywhere. We will make sure that Grand Mariana will open and is running. This is our first property and that’s why it’s important to get this off the ground. Everyone is waiting for this big building to open. Everyone is raring to see this six-star hotel open full blast.”

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