Samoa To Host Next Global Breadfruit (Ulu) Summit

Hawai'i meeting hears export potential estimates as high as $30 billion

APIA, Samoa (Samoa Observer, Oct. 7, 2016) – A high level delegation funded by the government attended the recent Global Breadfruit (Ulu) Summit 2016 hosted by the University of Hawaii at the Polynesian Culture Centre, Laie.

The summit was attended by international speakers; scientists; experts and stakeholders. The Samoan delegation was led by the Minister of Agriculture, Laaulialemalietoa Leuatea Von Schmidt and included the C.E.O of M.A.F, Fonoiava Sesega; Chairman of S.R.O.S, Sulamanaia Montini Ott, C.E.O of S.R.O.S, Tilafono David Hunter and President of S.A.M.E, Tagaloa Eddie Wilson.

The summit heard the latest scientific research outcomes of the various gluten free products made from the ulu as well as a $US16 billion export market offered from the mainland U.S.A alone- to target healthy foods for children and fight obesity and other lifestyle diseases.

Minister Laaulialemalietoa delivered the key note address in the closing session for the summit- and invited the next breadfruit summit to take place in Samoa in October 2017.

The summit unanimously welcomed the call.

President of S.A.M.E, Tagaloa will work closely with the government through S.R.O.S and the Ministry of Agriculture to implement the Breadfruit Export drive.

S.A.M.E will work with local farmers and agro-processing companies to develop the breadfruit export following quality standards-and in liaison with the University of Hawaii- and in partnership with S.R.O.S. 

S.A.M.E and S.R.O.S are currently working with Global Mana- a support group for the Ulu Initiative, on obtaining affordable equipment such as dryers to enable farmers and processors to dry breadfruit when it seasons- the dry breadfruit will then become a commodity sold to various processors for value added and export.

S.A.M.E’s on-going H.A.C.C.P and I.S.O certification will play a major part in preparing Samoan Farmers and Processors to meet the demand for the export markets. 

Export markets alone estimated by the University of Hawaii for U.S.A and Japan are estimated worth US$30billion.

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