PNG Electoral Commission Has Addressed "Ghost Names" On Electoral Roll Ahead Of 2017 General Election

Eliminates major challenge from the 2012 general election, commission hopeful to continue preperation on an accelerated timetable

By Clifford Faiparik

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (The National, October 7, 2016) – Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato says ghost names which had caused problems during the 2012 general election have been removed from the common roll.

Outlining preparations for the 2017 general election and the local level government elections yesterday, he said around 30,000 public servants would be employed as election officials around the country.

The commission will print 15 million ballot papers for the national and LLG elections.

“The 2012 national election common roll has been cleaned and we are now entering new data,” he said.
The Australian Electoral Commission yesterday presented a report on the roll-cleaning exercise at a political party branding and campaign strategies workshop in Port Moresby. It will be used to develop a training tool kit.

Gamato said lessons learnt from the roll-cleaning exercise would give electoral officials new skills, knowledge and understanding on roll management.

Training is being conducted in the provinces for election managers, assistant election managers, returning officers, assistant returning officers, data coordinators and data processing officers.

“Our greatest challenge now is timing. Time is against us. We will however do our best to have the electoral rolls updated and completed by January 2017, and objections by February 2017,” Gamato said.

He said the commission would continue work on the roll updating during the rest of the year.

Roll updating is expected to take two months of field work and one month of data entry in the provinces.
After the rolls are updated, preliminary roll will be printed and published for objections. The objection period is for a month. After that, the roll will be printed for use in next year’s national and LLG elections.

Gamato said the budget for the 2017 national and LLG elections had been submitted to the Government.

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Most of the population within the urban areas depend on their daily activities to sustain their livelihood. EC should engage officers to visit each household at after hours hence to successfully complete the update rather than instructing the population to front up at one common location for enrolment, the latter will surely deny almost 60 p/c the right to vote and thus it is unconstitunal. EC should adjust and avoid denying the ppopulation's rights to vote. (Act Now)

In support of Benny, it was noted that officers carrying out common roll update did not make awareness to the entire community for update prior to their visitation, resulting in only a few people, who happen to bump into them, checking and updating their names on the common roll. Furthermore, it was noted that the officers were aligned to specific candidates and inform only the people who will vote for their candidate to update the common roll. This happened to my area at Keysser, Stage 3, Tent City, Ward 5 LLG, Lae District. Tokaut tok stret!

When going through the commorrol updates, the list is in alphbertical order and by provinces and it seems and presuming that voters will definately missed out so lets put up the list of the eligiable registered voters names on the common roll per ward area so we are definate and can be checked up quickly that all names are there and if not we will come in for enrollment. Concerned voter and have the right vote for the next government.

How can we confirm if the 2017 common roll is updated. There is no access. Pls assist asap. Thanks

Am I listed to vote in Lae or in Miaru village in Gulf province.

Am checking to know where am eligible to vote?.

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