Heavy Rains Cause Destruction Across PNG Highlands

More bad weather expected

By Johnny Poiya

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, Oct. 19, 2016) – Heavy rain in the Highlands provinces have caused destruction to bridges and roads in many remote areas.

Several access roads in the region have been cut off, isolating a large number of rural communities while the Highlands Highway is under threat of being cut off by landslips in several locations between Eastern Highlands and Jiwaka Provinces.

[PIR editor's note: On Oct. 19, 2016 PNG Post-Courier reported that 'People have been warned to brace for more rains, floods, landslides and unusual high tides as climate change continues to dominate weather patterns.  National Weather Services director Samuel Maiha said yesterday that there was condition for more rain as Papua New Guinea experiences weak La Nina conditions.']

In Chimbu Province, the Kundiawa-Gembogl road was cut off in three locations on Sunday night after heavy rain.

The Dokorr Creek bridge on Gumine road was also covered by debris, cutting of the Gumine link with Kundiawa.

Chimbu Administrator Joe Kunda Naur yesterday called on the Works Department to access the damaged parts of roads in the province and repair them.

“The Works Department should come and fix the damaged sections of the roads that are under their jurisdiction. We have spent so much money covering for them for so long,” he said.

He called on the people living close to the damaged sections of the roads not to take advantage of the deteriorating conditions by conducting illegal activities such as charging fees on commuters and drivers.

In Jiwaka Province, more damage was done to the already destroyed section of the Kindeng-Kondopina of the Dei-Jiwaka highway that remained unattended for three years.

The highway which links the coffee-rich Dei district in Western Highlands Province to North and Anglimp South Waghi districts in Jiwaka Province had not been repaired since it was cut off in 2014.

The flooded Tuman River changed its course and flooded coffee plantations, food gardens, and homes beyond the highway.

Other provinces in the region also experienced disasters caused by flood and landslips over the weekend.

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