Lake Shore Dwellers In Indonesia's Papua Province Need Help After Flooding

Food gardens of 800 houses in five villages in Lake Paniai region destroyed

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, Nov. 1, 2016) – The occupants of about 800 houses in five villages on the shores of Lake Paniai in Enarotali in Indonesia's Papua province are still waiting for help after flooding.

High lake levels also destroyed food gardens.

The Jakarta Post quotes a Catholic priest, Santon Tekege, as saying the residents have moved to higher ground and are building temporary shelters, but they are yet to receive any outside assistance.

Father Tekege says he hopes local officials return quickly to Paniai to take care of the people.

He says the rainy season will continue for some time, and the lake level will continue to rise and the people need assistance like shelter, food, clothing and transportation.

Father Tekege says children are still able to go to school using boats, but if the water keeps rising, their schools could be inundated.

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