Kava Farmer Opens Kava Academy In Tonga

Muller hopes to encourage more production for export to Germany

NUKU‘ALOFA, Tonga (Matangi Tonga, Nov. 22, 2016) – There's an export market for Tongan Kava in Germany, but Tonga needs to produce more Kava to supply it, believes Owen Muller, a farmer from Nukunuku who launched a new “Kava Academy” at Matafonua on Friday.

Owen's cousin, Dr Luka Mueller, visiting from Switzerland, who is investing in a number of enterprises in Tonga including Solar Technology, welcomed guests to the launch of the Kava Academy, established by Muller Ltd. 

Owen said that during the past three years they had explored the possibility of establishing a market for Tongan kava in Germany, and conducted laboratory analysis of kava samples sent there.

Although they have identified a market, unfortunately there is a scarcity of kava in Tonga at the moment.

The concept of the Kava Academy is a long-term plan to increase the number of kava growers, but it will take four to five years for kava to grow large enough to be up-rooted and processed for export.

He said the growing and processing has to be coordinated to ascertain that they can consistently supply the market.

Muller Ltd. is setting up a kava processing facility, which Owen expected to be in full production in four or five months time.

For a start they will compete in the open market for raw kava. “I am telling you, we will be offering the best price,” said Owen with confidence.

Their facility will buy freshly harvested kava. The kava roots will be cleaned, dried, chopped, pounded and packaged for export.

Owen explained that a kava grower could enrol in the Kava Academy by simply filling in a form, then he or she would get advice from experienced kava growers on how to grow Kava.

At the launch of the Kava Academy, Solomone Vaikeli, the coordinator of Farmers’ Association spoke on “How to grow Kava effectively”.

Paula Mosa’ati from PHAMA spoke on the cooperation between PHAMA and Muller Ltd. 

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